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Book Price Change Oct/Nov 2023

Events over the last year have been a challenge for all of us, especially Indie publishers like ourselves. For over a year we have been faced with spiraling costs in ink and paper which has made book production more and more expensive.

For over a year now, we have done everything we can to keep book prices down, but it has made an impact on our business as we have been forced to make much smaller amounts with each sale online or in book stores, we knew it could not continue, but we have held prices down for as long as we can.

In the last few months, we have been faced with book retail associations demanding bigger discounts, otherwise they will no longer stock our books, which is noted on such large platforms such as Amazon, where we are now seeing notes on our books that state delivery anything up to six months or the books as listed as no longer available.

Is this a way of forcing us into their print and publishing houses, well, yes it is, but that limits the availability of who and where our books can be sold, which is why we are an indie publisher who offers world wide distribution on all platforms, not just Amazon.

We have to make a decision, which is raise our prices, or go out of business, and so as of today, we have made the decision to lift the price of our books so that they are more in line with other indie’s who like us are being forced to make price changes. Over the next four weeks, we will evaluate each book, and where needed there will be a price rise.

It is this or go under, but we can assure you we are doing all we can to work to a minimum safe margin and we do try very hard to keep digital prices as low as possible with a stable price point.
We hope our loyal readers are not inconvenienced by this,

Countess of Darkness released today May 22nd 2023

Today we see the release of the long awaited second book in the new story arc for HTTK from Robin John Morgan. This book features the life of his dark character Morgana of Cornwall, and charts her life from lonely girl to the adult who becomes the object of fear and terror. The book picks up from Rise of the Raven with the Character of Branna some years later, and shows how they meet and Branna becomes her mentor. This is a story everyone has expected for some time, but having read it, this is a story no one expects. It is a brilliant and captivating tale, with some really emotional moments, and we think it is a brilliant continuation of the story arc that runs alongside Heirs to the Kingdom. It is out now, and available in digital and print formats.

We do expect some issues with the largest book site, which we have grown to tolerate, but it is there to order, and we think you should grab a copy.

Curio's Christmas Available Now

We are delighted to release the third part of the Curio Chronicles series by Robin John Morgan. This a seasonal festive treat, as Robin takes his story of this group of young people into the festive season, as they come together for their first Christmas in the house on Waterside Lane, Wotton Dursley. As in all things Abigail, she goes out of her way to make this the best Christmas ever, sadly as her book sales start to take off, so do the press, causing troubles and problems at every step of the way. This wonderful slice of life story takes on more depth, as we see some beautiful and wonderful moments through the book, as the group are growing up, and yet the sins of their youth, continue to rise causing more problems.

New release from Robin John Morgan

On September 19th, we will be issuing a new title from RJM, entitled Han's Cottage. This is a stand alone story and a return to fantasy writing, for Author RJM, although it also takes on and examines attitudes to the process of dealing with grief, loss and loneliness. It is an enchanting and beautiful story, which has already been labelled a "Fairy Story for Grownups," by those few Beta readers who have had the pleasure of advanced copies of the manuscript. We are delighted to have been involved with this story, which we consider to be a remarkable story, and a must read for all follows of VCP books.

Curio's Summer Release.

We are delighted to be able to release Robin John Morgan's second book in the Curio Chronicle series, Curio's Summer.The digital copy is now available from all book app delivery platforms, and the print book is working it's way into distribution. Curio's Summer, will pick up the story, five years after the first book, Abigail's Summer. Life has moved on, and our young idealistic group are starting to find out, that whilst they can live their life similar to the past, things have changed, and life is not quite as easy as they all thought it would be. Self doubt, intimidation, and emotions run wild, the group gather once again in Wotton, to face yet more opposition from the formidable Marjorie and her group of overbearing, and opinionated women.

We are currently working with Robin to prepare his manuscript to follow up his first book in the Curio Chronicles series Abigail's Summer. The new title will announced as soon as we ar5e in a position to have more facts to release.

Rise of the Raven by Robin John Morgan.

The release of this book has been hampered due to staff related issues with our distributor/printer arising from Covid 19. We did want it out for Oct 31st, but sadly that did not happen. However we are delighted to announce that as long as there are no more delays, the book should become available from November 29th 2021.

It has been a frustrating few months, for us at VCP, but we have pushed and negotiated and now we are seeing the fruit of our efforts, and we look forward to having the book out just in time for Christmas. Thanks everyone who has waited patiently for this books release.

Time for some more Adventure.

We have been working with author Robin John Morgan behind the scenes for some time, to prepare digital versions of his series Heirs to the Kingdom. We are really delighted to celebrate the fact that it is 15 years since he first began to write the series, and so as a result we have been doing a little extra work to tidy up the books and update them. The books will be issued one per week right through August and September, and as we enter into October, we are over the moon to tell you that there will be a BRAND NEW BOOK. For the title and a few more details, visit Robin's web site at 

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